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Magic Fish Studio
Maximum Games
Release Date
March 29, 2022 (Calendar)

In Nightmare is a horror adventure game taking place inside a child's dreamworld. The child, traumatised by their broken family life, retreats to their dreams but is haunted by countless nightmares. They must navigate this nightmarish world, avoiding monsters and completing puzzles to finally find hope and wake up.

While most of this world is out to get him, the boy has help in the form of his dream spirit. This ghostly being can be used draw away enemies or reveal new pathways as you progress through each level. Enemies cannot be fought directly, so you must hide or temporarily incapacitate them and then make your escape.

Developer Quote

Closing his heart to reality, our protagonist falls into a deep slumber and awakens in a nightmarish dreamworld. In Nightmare is a narrative-driven horror adventure game combining sneak action with diverse puzzles. It follows a young boy in search for the last hope of love who is working out his own salvation by navigating through his fear.