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Whiteboard Games
Gameforge 4D
Release Date
October 24, 2022 (Calendar)

I See Red is a roguelite twin stick shooter featuring a tortured protagonist who is hell-bent on revenge against the one who corrupted him. His search for answers causes anything but his enemies (and their blood) to appear muted and gray.

You'll travel through different spaceships across the galaxy, killing new enemies and obtaining powers that will help you reach your goal. And, since this is a roguelite, death is not the end for your quest. Going back into the fight as a fresh clone will allow you to become stronger, gaining new abilities in the next run.

Developer Quote

You’re an outlaw traveling through space, infinite and black, in search of the person who subjected you to such unspeakable pain. In fact, you’re so focused on your quest that you stopped paying attention to anything else, making your surroundings look muted. In return, however, your targets now appear all the clearer to you, constantly glowing in RED.
Corrupted on the inside, you’re hell-bent on finding out what they did to make you this way.