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Broken Arms Games
Broken Arms Games
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Experience the highs and lows of winemaking in Hundred Days, a winemaking simulator by indie developer Broken Arms Games.

Create and manage a brand new Winery, and go through the entire winemaking process, from growing the vines to harvesting the grapes to fermentation and marketing. Every aspect, from analyzing the soil to choosing the right grapes to even deciding how you age your wine bottles, are part of the strategies you can employ in Hundred Days. Taking your wine to marketing, and managing their appeal to customers is the end game goal to make your winery a successful company in the future. 

Hundred Days - Winemaking Simulator is a one of kind simulation game, and is scheduled for a PC release in the future. 

Developer Quote

"In Hundred Days you will have complete control of a new Winery. First choose which vines to grow, learn how to grow them and when to harvest. Then following the entire winemaking process deciding on the type of wine you want to produce or the market requires. You will also have to sell the wine produced to allow your company to expand."