Hundred Days Appears To Have Legs

Your Own Personal Vineyard Simulator

Published: June 14, 2020 1:11 PM /


Several squares of grapevines being arranged by the player on a grid

A brand new trailer was shown for the indie game, Hundred Days by Broken Arm Games. It is a management sim where you have control over your very own winery.

You will have to choose which vines to grow and how to grow them and when to harvest. The hard decisions don't stop there, though. You will also have to follow the entire winemaking process and make the choices that best suit the type of wine you want to produce or that market requires. You will also have to sell the wine produced to allow your company to expand. Every single choice you make will influence the wine produced both in quantity and quality. A quality wine will increase the reputation of your company worldwide, it may come at a higher price and will allow you to grow better and faster. The secrets of the trade are yours to discover and how you decide to run your business.

In a way, it looks like the kind of game Farmville would have turned into if it focused more on wine lovers than bored kids on Facebook. The appeal of micromanaging everything from the placement of the grapevines to how the soil is treated is a production rabbithole many players can get themselves lost in. There's also a distinct theme of nostalgia that the trailer and Steam page brings up, the desire to go back to a simpler less complicated time. In this case, being out in the countryside, putting in your own sweat and tears into a personal passion, then peddling those heady wares. A hard but more understandable living than working a completely nebulous office job for a massive company that couldn't care less about how you feel about its decisions or its practices.

Right now, Hundred Days has no official release date, but it does have a free demo to enjoy on Steam right now.

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