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Garrett Fuselier
Garrett Fuselier
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A night camping in the wilderness has gone badly wrong. In HOST, you awaken to find yourself surrounded by strange alien biology with no idea how you got there. You need to make an escape, and that can only be done by poking and prodding this strange creature to open up a way forward.

HOST is best played with minimal chaperone settings and plenty of space — this is a game that truly makes use of room-scale VR in an intriguing fashion.

From the official HOST Steam Store page:

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Immerse yourself in an alien realm where the sights, sounds, and sensations that you experience all become clues for your survival. Touch a green glow and see its effects. Open a gateway to a new area. Experience new rooms, and descend deeper. Level by level, tap into your gaming intuition to solve each puzzle. Who or what is the "host" and what is your relation to this space?

With a focus on experiential-based gameplay, Garrett Fuselier has created a virtual reality to challenge and cherish. The dim glow of the swelling visuals and the fluctuation of the atmospheric audio (all created solely with voice work) build a new kind of gaming experience that, like its narrative, grows in intrigue and innovation. Recalling the classic situation-based puzzles throughout gaming history, you will find no UI, no voice over, and no buttons to press (on your controller).

Inside the world of HOST, you are your only salvation.

The game will stay naturally within the confines of your environment. For the best immersive experience, change your Chaperone settings to be minimal and dark.