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On a faraway planet, a Yu and Kay have escaped to be alone with one another and build a home from themselves. The world they live on is filled with fantastical creatures and a beautiful landscape for you to explore — and you don't have to do it alone. While Haven can certainly be played solo, it seems like it's an excellent title for playing with that special someone in your life as a co-operative experience.

There's more to Haven than just flying around and collecting goodies, though! Players will have to face off against the various hostile wildlife on the planet, using one of four abilities in a turn-based combat system: Pacify, Blast, Impact, or Shield.

The game's story will utilize a visual novel-style system where players can learn the background of the protagonists and how they got to the planet they're living on. You'll be able to make choices at certain points in the dialogue which will affect the responses you get from your partner.

From the game's official website:

Haven is about two characters, Yu and Kay, a couple in love. They escaped to a deserted planet to stay together. You play both of them, you live with them, you explore fragmented planet Source with them, gliding over the tall grass.

It’s a completely different pace. It’s a game that aims at making you feel relaxed, making you laugh, making you fall in love with Yu and Kay. It feels good for all types of players, skilled and less skilled. It’s a solo game that’s welcoming for another player to tag along, so you can explore and progress together.

Exploration is designed to create thrill, serenity and satisfaction. Gliding feels like going down a beautiful ski track, leaving a trail, cleaning the rust that covers Source’s landscape.

In combat, you control both characters at the same time. It’s not turn-based, but not completely real time either. You load orders for each character by holding buttons, and they launch their action when you release. It requires tactic and synchronization to either chain attacks or combine them. There’s no real stress to execute the orders with speed, but there is a sensual rhythm to the combat.

The story is told through the daily life of Yu and Kay. You cook, eat, sleep with them during their journey. Dialog choices impact what you learn about the story, but may also have long term consequences… Of course, life for Yu and Kay is not always a vacation. Survival is not even their bigger problem. The original soundtrack created by Danger covers this wide range of emotions: the pleasure of waking up on a sunny day surrounded by a beautiful landscape, the dreamlike feeling of being alone in the universe or the tension of being hunted down.