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SenAm Games
SenAm Games
Release Date
March 31, 2021 (Calendar)
Indie, Adventure
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Prepare yourself for a thrilling noir adventure with Hauma, from indie developer SenAm Games. 

Hauma is an interactive graphic novel that follows Judith, a former detective obsessed with an old murder investigation. Judith begins to follow leads into this case, but slowly unravels conspiracies reaching the furthest heights of society. Play as Judith in this noir adventure, fully stylized to look visually like a graphic novel. Select tons of dialogue options in each interaction you have, solve puzzles, collect items, and make your own deductions throughout your investigations. 

Spanning multiple episodes, Hauma currently has a demo available now, before the first season of episodes is released sometime in 2021. Hauma is available for the PC and Linux. 

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Key Features
- Immerse yourself within the narrative as you engage with the depths of society from Judith’s perspective.
- Investigation mechanics, letting you piece together clues/evidence to progress.
- Explore beautiful locations inspired by historical and mythological folklore.
- A fully voiced, cinematic adventure featuring a charismatic cast of characters.
- The thrilling prologue is available now, but Judith's story truly begins later this year with the episodic release of Hauma Season One.