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Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
Release Date
November 7, 2017 (Calendar)
Action, Roguelite
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Hand of Fate 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed roguelite/boardgame hybrid from Defiant Entertainment. In this game, the player will find itself facing again the dealer of the game of life and death that clawed its way back after the events of the first game and is now seeking revenge.

Hand of Fate 2 works on the same premises of the first game. The player will move on a board made of face-down cards. Stepping on a card will reveal it and the encounter described on it will take effect. This encounter may play out in multiple ways as there are many kinds of events that the player can face. Sometimes they will receive a quest from a wanderer, other times will venture into a cave in order to obtain a treasure, some other times they will have to fight brigands. Every encounter is a new experience and two games are alike.

The player will have to build their own decks of encounters and equipment. This way they can prepare for the challenges to come in the best of ways. Picking one card instead of another will have a huge impact on how the game develops. Players will also be joined on the journey by new companions, complete with their own side quests and upgrades.

The combat has been vastly improved compared to the first Hand of Fate. Its Arkham style fighting now feels more authentic with each hit carrying weight and effect on the enemies. The players will have at their disposal a huge arsenal of many weapons that will help them fight the different enemies that they will encounter. They will also be able to count on the help of their companions that will assist them during the combat and during the many gambits they will have to face during exploration.