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PC, IOS, Android
Release Date
July 14, 2015 (Calendar)
Indie, RPG
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Guild of Dungeoneering is a love letter to all aspiring Dungeon masters out there.

The game is simple, build a dungeon out of your drawn hand of cards. Fight in turn-based battles against the heroes raiding the dungeon, laying down rooms, monsters, and traps in the hopes that they will avoid grabbing your precious loot! Along with building your own dungeons, you get to manage your own guild, build new rooms, and attract new types of adventurers to expand your own deck of cards.

Guild of Dungeoneering was originally released in 2015, but now the Ultimate Edition is available, containing two DLC packs for free, along with some brand new content never before seen. Game mechanics have also been rebalanced to make it infinitely more playable. Guild of Dungeoneering is available for the PC, Mac, IOS, and Android systems. 

Developer Quote

• Bigger and better than ever, all content from Pirates Cove and Ice Cream Headaches is now included in the game for FREE! Not to mention new classes, new monsters, new quests and new chests full of loot.
• Customise your dungeoneers like never before with dozens of new hairstyles and accessories, as well as new victory traits to help them survive that little bit longer among the dangers you throw at them.
• Improved game mechanics and complete re-balance will make your time spent in the guilds and dungeons as fun and enjoyable as it's ever been. Sending Chumps to their doom has never been such a blast!
• New writing, animations, music and sound effects bring the dungeons and guild to life more than ever. But beware, the bard is back with his unique brand of snark.