Guild of Dungeoneering Gets New Pirate's Cove Expansion

Guild of Dungeoneering is getting a new expansion, the Pirates Cove!

Published: September 24, 2015 7:46 PM /


Guild of Dungeoneering Pirates Cove


A new expansion has just released for Guild of Dungeoneering, the turn-based dungeon crawler by Gambrinous. It's called Pirate's Cove, and it's available for $5. Guild of Dungeoneering was reviewed here at TechRaptor a couple of months ago for those looking for some perspective on the game and how it relates to the new expansion.

Pirate's Cove promises to add loads of new stuff, including:

  • A new region with 21 new quests
  • 3 new classes of dungeoneers including the Drunken Sailor, H20mancer, and the Swashbuckler
  • 23 new monsters including Merfolk, Giant Crabs, Three-Headed Monkeys, and pirates
  • 27 new items including the Eye Patch, Barrel O’ Rum, and Newspaper Hat

In the context of gameplay, the 21 new quests are enough to fill 7 individual dungeons, and the 23 new monsters are more than enough to keep them interesting, even compared to the 77ish monsters in the base game (a 29.87% increase to save you the math). 27 new items is quite a bit, compared to the roughly 80 items in the base game (again, a 33.75% increase to save you the math). The three new classes of dungeoneers are a nice change, and something to break up my personal overuse of the Most Holy Grail Knight. (For reference there were 14 classes in the base game, and yes I did the math, it's a 21.43% increase.) All of these things together, a ~1/3 total increase in content (excluding the region and other fun stuff that's not on that list up there), it's definitely not lacking in content.

In addition, to get yourself into the pirate mood, Gambrinous has released a trailer for the new DLC complete with an authentic pirate's jig. That is to say, songs that can only exist under the influence of rum. Rum is mandatory, as the act requires an accordion and to choose to play an accordion one must either be drunk, insane, or a pirate. Does this mean Gambrinous are pirates?

If you want to see for yourself, check out the Pirate's Cove expansion over on GOG, the Humble Store, GreenManGaming, or Steam.



Quick Take

I reviewed Guild of Dungeoneering a while back and found it to be a great game, and am definitely looking forward to reviewing the DLC. I'm gonna be super original and name my pirate chumps after One Piece characters. Yar har fiddle-dee-dee.

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