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Pajama Llama Games
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September 26, 2019 (Calendar)
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Flotsam is a game that mixes elements of a city builder and a survival game. As the title might give away, the central focus is on the titular floating junk that you'll find in the ocean. The world has flooded, and you have to cobble together some kind of living space for a handful of lucky survivors.

Throughout the game, you'll salvage materials, rescue drifters, and explore the abandoned remains of what humanity left behind. Research old technology to produce better food and water, and try to keep everyone alive in a world that would very much like to kill you! You'll also build small fishing and salvaging boats to explore the local area and grab up absolutely everything useful that isn't nailed down.

Featuring a lovely nautical soundtrack and colorful, cartoonish graphics, Flotsam melds city builder and survival

Also, it has seagulls — because seagulls are adorable.

From the official Flotsam website:

A garbage town builder in a flooded world!

Survive in a feel-good apocalypse world.

Manage your drifters as they try to survive in a harsh ocean world, where everything is trying to eat you or sink your town to the depths of the sea! You’ll need fresh water, sea food, and scrap to make sure your drifters can make the best of this wet situation.

Recycle everything!

Luckily the flooded environment offers all kinds of relics from the old world to recycle. Your drifters can transform garbage, driftwood and flotsam into boats and buildings. These allow them to collect rainwater, hunt for various creatures and reel up scrap from the ocean floor.

A moving floating town.

Steer your town as you explore a sprawling dynamic environment with tall ruins, underwater cities and reefs full of sea life and garbage! Raise your sails to choose which obstacles to avoid and which to dismantle.