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Falling Frontier
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Falling Frontier is a title set in a procedurally generated star system where intelligence and logistics are key factors. Players will be able to design ships, raid supply lines, lay minefields, and ambush enemies within asteroid fields and nebulae. You'll explore a procedurally generated star system that's filled with planets, moons, asteroid fields, and nebulae, and you'll research and build new technologies such as ship hulls, weapons, orbital facilities, colonization options, and more.

Combat isn't a one-click solution either, as shots can miss, strike unintended targets, and as ricochet off hulls. Each ship will have subsystems that can be damaged, and smaller ships can defeat bigger and more powerful ships through ambushes or tactical prowess.

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Falling Frontier is a revolutionary sci-fi RTS where ship design, recon, and logistics are critical elements. Your expeditionary force has just completed construction of its first space port in orbit of a new world, but you are not alone. Rivals from the old colonial wars between Earth, Titan, Venus, and the other lineages that divide humankind have also arrived in the same star system.