Falling Frontier Delay Moves Interplanetary War to Next Year

Falling Frontier, the indie RTS that won E3 2021's "Most Anticipated Indie Game" award, has been delayed until next year.

Published: November 22, 2021 10:15 AM /


Falling Frontier

Developer Shutter Fox Studios and publisher Hooded Horse have announced a Falling Frontier delay to Q2 2022 due to Shutter Fox's one and only developer wanting more time to work on the game's campaign. Those who are excited to play the E3 winner of "Most Anticipated Indie Game" may find themselves disappointed by this news, but at least the war between Mars and Titan is a pretty good reason, eh?

The Falling Frontier delay may come as especially disappointing due to how sparse the space RTS genre is. If you want to play something in the meantime we have StarCraft 2 from 11 years ago, Homeworld 3 coming in Q4 2022, and a few others if you poke around. The same publisher has also recently delayed another title, Terra Invicta, to Q2 2022, which is set in space and could be another good choice for space strategy aficionados. 

“Most of Falling Frontier’s systems are in place for our Early Access launch, but I want to take the necessary time to get the game to its best possible state before players get their hands on it,” said Todd D'Arcy, solo developer of Falling Frontier. “There’s still so much more I’ve got planned for the game after it hits Early Access, and my publisher Hooded Horse has been very supportive of delaying the game to polish it as needed. Falling Frontier is my dream game, and it's very exciting to have the time to fully realize systems like orbital bombardment and search and rescue, and most importantly, to ensure the storyline campaign 'Titan Rising' delivers the kind of experience players have been looking forward to."

If you're just hearing about the Falling Frontier delay and don't know what the space RTS is, here's a quick summary: Falling Frontier is a title set in a procedurally generated star system where intelligence and logistics are key factors. Players will be able to design ships, raid supply lines, lay minefields, and ambush enemies within asteroid fields and nebulae. This really does sound like a neat RTS, and if you'd like to see more be sure to check out the just-released trailer below:

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