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Koei Tecmo
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June 26, 2020 (Calendar)
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Fairy Tail is an RPG based on the popular manga and created by Atelier and Ar tonelico developer Gust. You'll take control of Natsu and friends as they battle unusual foes and build the Fairy Tail magician guild to make it the stuff of legends.

Naturally, Fairy Tail will include its own unique narrative, but it'll also feature a number of well-known arcs from the manga including Eclipse and Tartaros. You'll be able to build a team of fighters from a large cast of characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses to learn, use, and overcome in turn-based RPG battles.

Developer Quote

Magic x Guilds x RPG = “FAIRY TAIL” Based on the fantasy adventure comic about Natsu, a Dragon Slayer of the rowdy Fairy Tail magician guild, and his unique group of friends battling against unusual and memorable enemies. Fairy Tail was published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine, selling over 60 million copies worldwide.

Experience the exciting story
From popular fan-favorite episodes to original in-game episodes, players can experience the magical world of Earth Land and fight with Fairy Tail in the exhilarating story!

Play as powerful mages from different guilds
Take on formidable foes as Dragon Slayers, summoners, shape shifters, enchanters, and other colorful mages from the top guilds of Earth Land!

Grow and expand the guild together
Complete requests, strengthen friendships, and upgrade the guild’s facilities to increase the Guild Rank. The higher the rank, the more challenging requests are. Fight and prevail to become the #1 guild in the Kingdom of Fiore and beyond!