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Baby Robot Games
Raw Fury
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In the extremely fast-paced and action-filled platformer Ereban: Shadow Legacy, players must take on the life of Ayana, who is now the last known descendent of a long-forgotten race. The main goal is to help Ayana uncover secrets from the past in order to save the universe from succumbing to the forces around it. 

Players must use stealth tactics and cloak themselves in the shadows as they traverse the landscapes in order to sneak up on any foe, or completely avoid an encounter. Climb walls to reach places that would otherwise be completely inaccessible, and search for clues that will slowly unravel a captivating storyline. Since this game gives complete freedom of choice to the players, it will be up to you to determine exactly what you want to be capable of, and what kind of player you want to be. Would you rather remain unseen and undetected as you search for the truth? Or would you like to be a deadly assassin capable of wielding otherworldly powers to find your answers? The choice is yours. 

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As the last descendant of the Ereban, unravel the mystery of who you are and what happened to your people. Traverse the ruins of lifeless cities, infiltrate sci-fi facilities carved into ancient temples and discover the remnants of your forgotten race.