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PC, Nintendo Switch
Release Date
April 21, 2022 (Calendar)

Dragon Caffi is a puzzle game set in the world of Aethwy. Margo is a fox sprit who has been adopted by a family of dragons, and she dreams of becoming a world-class baker.

Exploring Aethwy, you'll run into many different people in need of help. They'll have a number of tasks for you to accomplish, from protecting animals to fixing tractors. Completing these tasks will unlock new recipes, which Margo will need to complete her baking studies.

When not helping people, you'll be learning how to create a multitude of desserts from across the land. There are over 100 dishes to make in total, which can be crafted via a musical minigame.

Developer Quote

Dragon Caffi is an open-world puzzle adventure game of pure, lighthearted happiness suitable for all ages! This game is all lovingly hand-painted and traditionally animated (on paper in some cases!), and the sole purpose of this little adventure is to be a happy, fun experience for all to enjoy.