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The Moon Pirates
The Moon Pirates
Release Date
April 20, 2021 (Calendar)
Adventure, Indie
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Don’t Forget Me is a classic-styled adventure game where you enter the minds of patients and use deduction to access their memories and progress your own story.

Play as Fran, the assistant to the quirky memory detective Bernard, and solve intricate puzzles designed to test your observation and deduction skills. Each new patient you meet requires you to use your knowledge of their own interests and desires to solve their inner secrets. Assign keywords to explore their memories in this retro-futurist take of a world. Become attached to some of these characters as they begin to unravel the mysteries of their mind, hoping to prove that there is still hope left for humankind in a cold, disconnected world. 

Don’t Forget Me is inspired by games such as The Red Strings Club and Her Story and will release on PC, Linux, and macOS. 


Developer Quote

Mnemonic Detective:
Become the detective through an intricate puzzle system designed to test your observation and deduction skills. Each new patient requires you to consult your own knowledge of their interests and history and assign keywords to explore their memories and reveal their secrets.

With a spellbinding soundtrack of original jazz and synthwave music alongside gorgeous pixel art and charming characters, Don’t Forget Me immerses the player in a unique vision of the future, a future whose path you can still change.

A unique vision of the future set to an original jazz and synthwave score.
Unique text-based puzzle system, where observation and empathy are as important as logic and reason.
Decision-based gameplay that will test the limits of your morality.
Twitch integration so your viewers can play along with you.