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Thomas Mackinnon
Thomas Mackinnon
Release Date
December 4, 2020 (Calendar)
Adventure, Indie
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The Corridor is a game featuring a long hallway, a door, and a button. Players presumably have entered the titular corridor through this doorway, which they cannot open, mysteriously. The button on the opposite side has any number of weird surprises in store for the player. Taking a go at game tropes much like The Stanley Parable and Antichamber do, this 20-30 minute experience is a title that doesn't just break the fourth wall - it smashes right through it.

Developer Quote

THE CORRIDOR is a 20-30 minute experience about the relationship between player and game.

• First-person-walking-down-a-corridor-game. ("Wait, isn't that most games?" I hear you ask sarcastically. Not like this. Not like this.)

• A corridor.
• The things found within said corridor.

• You walk down a corridor. That's it. That's literally it. Don't expect anything more than that, because there isn't!
• Probably.