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Greg Lobanov
Greg Lobanov
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Chicory: A Colorful Tale is a game that Bob Ross would be proud of. You are... a janitor, and not at all that special. Suddenly, the renowned artist Chicory (and wielder of the magic Brush) disappears, taking all of the color in the world with her.

Taking the magical Brush in hand, you must restore color to the world and find out what happened to Chicory! You might not be the best artist in the world, but that's okay!

From the official website for Chicory: A Colorful Tale:

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A Painting Adventure

You're a dog wielding a magic paintbrush! Use the power of art to explore, solve puzzles, help your animal friends and restore color to the world in this top-down adventure game.

• Explore the Picnic Province, and draw on anything!
• Manipulate the environment with your paint and solve puzzles!
• Unlock new paint abilities and use them to reach new places!
• Local co-op! Play with your friends and paint together!

Along the way you'll meet many characters and make friends.

Collect clothes, furniture and brush styles to unleash your creativity and dress yourself and the world as you see fit!