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Versus Evil
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September 19, 2019 (Calendar)
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Cardpocalypse is an RPG with deck-building and trading card game elements. You play as Jess, a 10-year-old girl who accidentally gets everyone's favorite collectible card game banned. The game goes underground, and mutants from the cards invade the real world. It's up to you and your friends to stop them using your knowledge of the game.

You'll have to build a powerful deck to take on the mutant threat. Be warned though - you can't collect 'em all. Some cards will need to be discarded in favor of others, meaning you'll end up with a deck that's entirely unique to you. A major mechanic is changing the rules as you go, too, so the game will never end up the way it started.

Cardpocalypse is on Apple Arcade and has an exclusive period on the Epic Games Store. It releases on consoles on December 12th, 2019.

Developer Quote

Cardpocalypse is a single-player card game where you change the cards and the rules as you play, delivered within a charming school-based narrative.

Join 10-year-old Jess and her friends on the worst day ever. Everyone in school is obsessed with 'Mega Mutant Power Pets', the hit card game based on their favorite show! A little too obsessed - the grown ups have just BANNED the game. Uh oh.

At least you can keep playing when the grown ups aren't watching. But strange things are afoot as monsters from Power Pets start to appear in school. Time to challenge them to a game of cards to save your friends, the school, and maybe even the world!