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RedRuin Softworks
HypeTrain Digital
PC, Nintendo Switch
Release Date
February 25, 2011 (Calendar)
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Breathedge is a brand new, humorous take on the survival genre by indie developer RedRuins Softworks. 

Explore the deep reaches of space as you play the Man, a simple fellow who was carrying the ashes of his grandfather for a space funeral, only to find himself thrusted into the middle of a cataclysmic event. After your space hearse is wrecked, you must survive the vacuum of space, from enduring the elements and random mishaps to attempting to build up a way to escape. Build and craft resources while dealing with all sorts of issues, from random threats of electrocution to a globalized conspiracy that threatens your very existence.

Featuring some ironic humor and tons of in-jokes, Breathedge offers something a little more unique for a survival game. Breathedge is now available on the PC, with a Nintendo Switch version coming out in April of 2021. 

Developer Quote

Try to stay alive

Space isn’t a joke (despite us trying to prove otherwise) and not dying is a challenge. Lose your progress in spectacular ways, including but not limited to suffocation, freezing, incineration, electrocution, depression, blunt trauma, and more.

Litter space with garbage you created

It took a long time for our ancestors to develop because they had no electrical tape. You have it and you know how to use it. With this magical artifact, you can create a vast variety of useless objects and throw them out of the airlock! There are also many useful items to be created, but be careful as this may result in completing the game.

Fix and Decorate

When all your neighbors just hover around in vacuum doing nothing but playing dead, various tools and gears will help you become the worst noisy neighbor ever. Create a unique space station, provide it with oxygen and electricity, install all kinds of equipment from solar panels to a hamster farm, and turn it into a real bachelor pad by stuffing it with furniture mixed with all kinds of junk.

Honk! Honk!

Yes, you heard that right, it’s your own private car horn! Besides that, you can assemble a small rocket, ride the dead or build a large space shuttle. Transportation helps you move faster, evade obstacles and see the death screen after a head-on collision.