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November 15, 2022 (Calendar)
Action RPG

Bound By Blades is an action RPG set in the land of Ashmyr. The player plays one of three characters, who must take on 10 different Ilcyon — corrupted beings that are destroying the land — and protect their clan, The Bound. Each character has their own moveset, allowing for new strategies in battle.

The meat of Bound By Blades is the aforementioned Ilcyon, large bosses that can be fought in one-on-one combat, or in two player local and online co-op. They each feature a unique attack pattern, which is amplified further when taking on their Extreme variants. Successful kills will drop materials, which can be used to craft new weapons and equipment.


Developer Quote

War for supremacy raged on for generations between the different tribes of Ashmyr. Until one day, an ancient force was unleashed that shook the world and granted those nearby immense power. But this power came at a high cost. It took their minds and corrupted their bodies, leaving only a ruthless fiend in their place.
They became known as the Ilcyon, slaughtering armies and obliterating towns as they ravaged the lands, leaving Ashmyr in peril.

Until a new path to hope was formed by a lone warrior. He united the tribes for the sake of survival against the Ilcyon and began a new order, The Bound. Only those proven through years of harsh training were initiated.