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North Side
North Side
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June 16, 2014 (Calendar)
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Bot Colony is a third-person robotics AI simulation game developed by North Side in which players can converse with and control robots. Using a microphone and the game's speech recognition tool or a keyboard, players can speak directly with the game's robots to gather information, teach them facts, order them with commands, or play simple word games. The gameplay is underscored by a plot in which the player must uncover a spy hiding out on the eponymous Bot Colony, an island base for the robots. The plot borrows its story cues from 20th century science fiction writers, while the AI represents robotics AI that can feasibly be achieved within the 21st century.

From the game's Steam page:

"Bot Colony is the only game relying on intelligent conversation (through speech or typing) as its key mechanic. You command robots through actions and speak with them to investigate a mystery. Robot answers and reactions depend 100% on what you say, taking interactivity and immersion to a new level.


It’s August 2021 and you're recruited by Nakagawa Corp., Japan's leading robot manufacturer. Agrihan, Nakagawa’s private island in the South Pacific was infiltrated. The robots are acting strangely. Agrihan ( Bot Colony) is a Mars testbed staffed mostly by robots - so you'll need to talk to THEM to investigate what happened.
Bot Colony ( is unique in that it's currently the ONLY game on the planet relying on AI-based conversation as the main game mechanic. You speak in English with robots (or type) in order to advance in the game. Bot Colony will appeal to players interested in genre-defining games with novel mechanics. If you enjoy figuring out how to get through to robots, command them through actions and investigate - you'll enjoy Bot Colony. The game is played in an eerie South Pacitic setting where modern architecture and robots contrast with the jungle environment. It integrates adventure, simulation, RPG and puzzles into a unique language-based gameplay with a great atmospheric soundtrack."