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The Parasight
The Parasight
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December 15, 2022 (Calendar)
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Re-create the myth of the Baba Yaga in this dark fantasy epic in Blacktail, by developer The Parasight. 

Dive deep into Slavic folklore and witchcraft as you play as Yaga, a 16-year-old girl accused of witchcraft. Armed only with a bow at your side, you must face Yaga's own living memories, now manifesting as dark spirits, in this twisted forest that slowly unravels the world around you. Yaga must hunt these spirits down, but will it change her for the better?

This unique blend of first-person combat and action-RPG elements allows you to choose a playstyle that suits you. Craft recipes and elixirs to make yourself powerful, unlock spells and hexes to cause havoc in the woods or use your trusty bow to hunt down creatures and bosses alike. Your choices, enhanced by an in-game morality system, will determine Yaga's fate.

Blacktail will be available for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5. 

Developer Quote

Follow a mysterious voice leading Yaga down the dark path to power and discover your own past along the way.

Track down elusive spirits with the help of the Black Cat, and engage in thrilling boss fights to awaken Yaga’s missing memories.

Relive memories to gather clues and solve the mystery of Yaga’s lost friends in this 15+ hour adventure.

Harness your trusty bow and gauntlet to defeat the many enemies that haunt the wilds.

Craft arrows and potions, hunt wild game, and gather resources to survive in the foreboding woods.

Collect lost recipes from the ancient Grimoire and brew elixirs in the Cauldron to unlock skill upgrades and grow into the tales of legend.
Transform your playstyle using powerful Hexes and an enchanted Broom.

Find hidden treasures and pieces of Slavic myths to learn more about your surroundings and history.

BLACKTAIL’s Morality System changes your skills as you make story-defining decisions.

Choose your alliances and beliefs through fairy tale-driven side quests.

Decide the fate of the land and its inhabitants: be vengeful and manipulative or honest and compassionate to the creatures of BLACKTAIL’s fantastical forest.

Dive beyond the surreal. Every memory is an artfully crafted 2.5D narrative episode – each a mind-bending vision shedding light on Yaga’s heart and soul as well as her mysterious origins.