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Black Book
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HypeTrain Digital
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August 10, 2021 (Calendar)
RPG, Indie, Strategy
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Black Book is a dark RPG adventure from indie developer Morteshka, where you play a young sorceress who has given her life to using dark magic.

Play as Vasilisa, an aspiring witch, who turns to dark magic after the death of her betrothed. Vasilisa must scour the land for the seven seals of the black book, solving the problems of the common folk by fighting monsters and exorcising demons. Featuring card-based game mechanics, character progression, and a world steeped in Slavic folklore, Black Book is dark, macabre, and deeply haunting in ways other RPGs are not.  

Black Book is available for the PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. A playable demo is also available on the PC. 


Developer Quote

A fusion of card-based RPGs and Adventure games, “Black Book” is a haunting tale of a young sorceress, who gave her life to serving the dark forces. Dive into the cold, yet alluring world of Slavic folktales - and uncover the secrets that hide in the darkness.

A young girl named Vasilisa, destined to become a witch, decides to throw her fate away and marry her beloved - but that dream is shattered when her betrothed dies under mysterious circumstances.

Aching for her lost love, Vasilisa seeks out the Black Book - a demonic artifact said to be powerful enough to grant any wish to the one who uncovers all 7 of its seals. Join Vasilisa in her adventures across the rural countryside, as she solves the woes of the common folk by confronting demons and performing exorcisms.

Uncover the seals of Black Book - Unleash hellish spells on your enemies! Collect spell cards and new skills as you progress.

A Historic Adventure - Solve riddles and complete side-quests as you learn more about life in the Slavic countryside.

Lead a Demonic Flock - Send demons to do your bidding, but be careful - idle demons will torture you if you don’t find them something to do!

Myths and legends -Explore a world based on Northern Slavic mythology. Learn from an in-game encyclopedia, created with the help of expert anthropologists - and find all folk tales hidden within the game!