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The sequel to the classic 1994 cyberpunk adventure, Beyond a Steel Sky builds on the unique vision of Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons. Catapulting the world into a fully 3D space and the gameplay into a more mainstream direction, the sequel hopes to strike the same unique tone as the original when it hits Apple Arcade in the near future. Reuniting the original dev team of the first game, Beyond a Steel Sky aims to translate comic book art flawlessly into the world of video games, as well as round out the unique story of Union City survivor Robert Foster as he searches to save an innocent life.

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You are Robert Foster. A child has been abducted in a brutal attack. You have vowed to bring him home. But the trail has led you from your community of desert wasteland dwellers, to Union City, one of the last remaining mega-cities in a world ravaged by shattering wars, and political meltdown.
Fortified and impenetrable, it is a utopia in which people live happily under the surveillance and control of a benign AI. But all is far from what it seems...
‘Beyond a Steel Sky’ is a dramatic, humorous, cyberpunk thriller in which engaging puzzles drive a fast-paced narrative set in a dynamic gameworld that responds to – and is subverted by – the player’s actions.