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February 27, 2021 (Calendar)
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The year is 30XX, and you are now awake with a synthetic mind and a human race that's lost the will to reach the stars.

30XX is a throwback action platformer that features plenty of roguelike elements. Inspired by classics in the genre such as Mega Man, with more modern titles like Dead Cells and Enter the Gungeon, 30XX offers plenty of challenging action and tons of reply value in one slick package. Run, jump, and shoot your way through hordes of enemies with tons of unique levels to go through. Interact with the roguelike-style of progression as each set of levels, items, and even the powers you gain are different each time. Play by yourself, of with a friend either locally or online with co-op play! 

30XX is available for the PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 


Developer Quote

Pulse-pounding action, precise platforming, and beautiful spritework
Characters with fully distinct playstyles - master Ace's swift, combo-friendly Techniques and Nina's intricate Power Fusion system for even more replayability
A fresh new set of levels, items, and powers every time you play - 30XX is never the same game twice!
Roguelike-style progression that lets you tune the game's systems and difficulty as you play, even after you win
A robust level editor - the same tools the developers use! - that lets you build single level chunks or entire custom campaigns
Local and online multiplayer, so you can enjoy 30XX with a friend