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Secret of Mana

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Game Info
Square Enix
Release Date
August 6, 1993
Action RPG
One Time Purchase
Multiplayer modes
Co Op, Local
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Secret of Mana is a classic Action RPG for the Super Nintendo, from the minds of Koichi Ishii, Hiromichi Tanaka, and Nasir Gebelli.

Play as Randi, Primm, and Popoi as they travel across a high fantasy world filled with the substance called 'mana'. Take on the forces of darkness and the evil plot of the lich Thanatos in this early action-rpg, where combat was real-time from a top-down perspective. Ahead of its time, Secret of Mana also contained co-op gameplay, allowing several players to control all three party members at a time to fight the forces of darkness. 

Secret of Mana has been re-released and remade several times, spanning multiple platform releases on iOS, Android devices, and modern consoles over the years. A full remaster, including voice-overs, 3-D graphics and more improvements, was released in 2018. The latest release sees Secret of Mana as part of the Collection of Mana set, containing all three games in the Mana series, which was released in June of 2019.