Princess Farmer

Game Info

Samobee Games
Indie, Puzzle
Multiplayer modes
Co Op
One Time Purchase

Embark on a cute little journey as Princess Farmer, an indie puzzle game from developer Samobee Games.

Thanks to the power of Mother Gaia, the Princess Farmer can hoist up veggies from the ground, match them and smash obstacles in her way. 


The storyline has you follow the titular Princess Farmer as she puzzles her way through the world, meeting a cast of characters such as Rowan the shop keeper, a Bot Bunny, and Mother Gaia herself. Forge relationships with them as you play the game, and uncover the secrets of the woods around you.

The meat of the action is the action-puzzle gameplay, where you match-3 items in a row. It is more strategic and reaction-based, tasking you wish character movement and stack management to maximize your combos. You can also play Princess Farmer in co-op with a friend.

Princess Farmer is coming to the PC in 2021.