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Honey, I shrunk the laboratory help! Do you ever feel like it's still too hard to develop a sense of agoraphobia and would like to amend that? Perhaps being shrunk to the size of a pebble can help with that! Microman features a simple laboratory worker, basically a glorified janitor who got too curious for his own good. Your task? Don't get crushed by people, run from hedgehogs, find some transport of your own and get on the bus toward your escape. It doesn't need to get any more complicated than that, right? I mean, how would you serve a complex and intricate plot when you can barely see past a villains' boots!

Developer Quote
Microman is an arcade adventure game about laboratory worker who was reduced to an ant size.

How will his fate turn out? Will he manage to get back to his original size? He has a long dangerous way to go.