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Garden Story Key Art

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Be ready to roll up your sleeves and satisfy your green thumb with Garden Story, an indie puzzle adventure from developer Picogram. 

Official art of Garden Story


In Picogram's Garden Story, you play as a round grape named Concord and venture forth to restore peace on the island

Axiom Verge 2


Nintendo revealed 7 games are now available on Nintendo Switch, including highly anticipated titles like Axiom Verge 2, Boyfriend Dungeon, and Garden

An in-game shot of a conversation in Garden Story


Upcoming indie agricultural sim Garden Story has been delayed until 2021. The developer says the extra time will help the staff "make the game bigger

Garden Story Concord the Grape


Finally, one of gaming's eternal questions has been answered: do you want to be a grape? In Garden Story, you will be!

Garden Story Developers Sign Publishing Deal With Rose City Games


Indie developer Picogram has announced that they have signed a co-publishing deal with Rose City Games and VIZ Media for its upcoming farming sim