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Up to 80% Off On Dungeons & Dragons Games In GOG Sale

Published: April 12, 2017 4:35 PM /



Another week, and we have some new sales from the experts in old games, GOG. This week, to help celebrate the release of Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition we have a wealth of deals on Dungeons & Dragons games, enhanced editions of Dungeons & Dragons games, and various indie adventure, strategy, and other titles.

With the Dungeons & Dragons games, you're looking at two distinct set of deals. The first is the classics which individually all run 60% off or you can get them as a bundle for 80% off. This includes classics like Eye of the Beholder, the Gold Box line of games, in addition to titles like Neverwinter Nights and Temple of Elemental Evil. Notably, outside of Icewind Dale 2 it does not include any Infinity Engine games. Those instead are part of the Beamdog sale, which has the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition on sale along with Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition, although the new Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition is not part of the sale. 

Check out the deals below, and note that all links are affiliated. As a reminder, TechRaptor Pack Hunter members get a special discount for GOG as well as member giveaways!

Dungeons & Dragons Sale (Sale Page - 80% off if you buy all) - Ends April 16 @ 6PM EST

Beamdog Sale (Sale Page) - Ends April 16 @ 6 PM EST

Beyond Dungeons and Dragons, we have the GOG weekly sale which has some notable indie titles and older games on sale. For those who are looking for a light strategy experience Kingdom: New Lands is 66% off, while the King's Bounty series is also discounted by 75%. In an older style, Capitalism 2 and Capitalism Plus are 80% off for classical approaches while the newer Dungeons 2 is 75% off, along with much of the Tropico series. If you were looking for something more in the realms of adventure, indie title Kathy Rain is also 66% off and may be what you are looking for.

GOG Weekly Sale - Ends April 17 @ 12 PM EST

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