Humble Store Fall Sale Features Outcast - Second Contact For Free

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outcast - second contact humble store fall sale

The Humble Store Fall Sale is here according to a press release from the company and they're giving away a neat game to get people in the door: Outcast - Second Contact can now be downloaded DRM-free on the website.

If you're out for some great deals, the Humble Store Fall Sale might have something you're looking for. Let's get the big guns out of the way - a remake of a classic game is available completely for free to anyone who wants it, no strings attached. Potential customers can pick up a copy of Outcast - Second Contact right now.

Outcast - Second Contact is a remake of the 1999 cult classic Outcast. Players get to explore the alien world of Adelpha as the elite soldier Cutter Slade. (Goodness, I love the '90s.) Outcast - Second Contact will have you gallivanting about a massive open world. The title is provided DRM-free, meaning you're not going to be getting a Steam key or anything like that. You'll have a week to download the game after you redeem it, after which the download link is no longer available.

As for the sale itself, here's a selection of some of the more interesting deals in the Humble Store Fall Sale!

Battle Chef Brigade features a brigade of chefs who battle. It's a pretty straightforward game.

Battle Chef Brigade ($11.99, 40% off - Our Review) is a particular favorite of some us here at TechRaptor (including our CEO and about half the editorial department). The game plops you down into a fantasy world of monsters with nary but a knife and your killer culinary skills. Chop up monsters on the field of battle and then turn them into delicious cuisine! It's a delightfully-strange title that's well worth playing.

If you're out for a bit of spookiness, it might not be a bad idea to check out Corpse Party: Book of Shadows ($13.49, 10% off). The Corpse Party series of games stick players in a creepy abandoned location like a school or hospital very much in the vein of titles like Silent Hill. What started as a kind of RPG Maker game evolved into a decently-sized franchise with multiple entries and even a live-action movie. More Corpse Party games are set to arrive in the coming weeks and months. You can also pick up the original Corpse Party for $9.74 - a 35% discount.

Downwell ($0.74, 75% off - Our Review) firmly falls in the "budget" category for this sale - you can pick it up for under a buck. It's a platformer with a slightly different perspective - you'll be heading down a seemingly neverending well (hence the name). While your mighty Gunboots will protect you from some enemies, the hazards are numerous and make for a fine challenge of platformer fans everywhere. It's a steal at 74 cents, so just go buy it already!

It's like the multiplayer Fallout that pretty much none of us asked for. But hey, 33% off is 33% off.

Fallout 76 ($40.19, 33% off) has to be one of the biggest surprises. The game came out very recently, but OpenCritic shows that it hasn't been terribly well received. That might be why the game is being discounted to two-thirds of its launch price. You can also grab the Tricentennial Edition at $59.99, 25% off of its normal price.

NieR: Automata ($29.99, 50% off - Our Review) is the bootylicious brawler by Platinum Games. Take on the role of the android 2B as you kick butt with a massive sword and a skirt that's just a little bit too short. Newbies to the genre can make use of "Auto Mode" which makes combat a measure easier for those of us not fortunate to have the reflexes necessary for surviving a game of this type - I've certainly had my fair share of Vietnam flashbacks from the original Devil May Cry 2.

Two years after its initial release, No Man's Sky is shaping up to be a pretty respectable title.

Those more inclined to exploring might enjoy No Man's Sky ($29.99, 50% off - Our Review). While the game's initial launch was a bit shaky, Hello Games have spent the last two years adding more content and fleshing it out into a much more respectable game. The game recently revealed its Visions Update which adds a whole bunch of new content including salvageable satellites, archaeology, new creatures, and much more.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game of the Year Edition ($19.99, 60% off - Our Review) sets the benchmark for modern RPGs. The third core game in The Witcher franchise features the return of the White Wolf with innovative new beard-growing technology. It has swords. It has sorcery. It has beautiful women with a propensity for getting naked. What's not to love? You'd be nuts not to buy it if you're an RPG fan and you don't yet own this fantastic title.

That's it for our highlight of the Humble Store Fall Sale! There's plenty of great deals to check out - be sure to head on over to the Humble Store and see what else is available to get at a great discount. And don't forget to get your free copy of Outcast - Second Contact!

Disclosure: Humble Bundle works with TechRaptor for affiliate partnership, and TechRaptor earns a small commission off purchases made from links in this article.

What do you think of the games we featured in the Humble Store Fall Sale? Are you going to play Outcast - Second Contact? What other games in the sale do you think are great deals? Let us know in the comments below!

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