Humble Square Enix Collective Bundle Now Live - Tokyo Dark And More

Published: April 17, 2019 11:30 AM /


humble square enix collective bundle

Humble has teamed up with Square Enix Collective for its latest bundle. The Humble Square Enix Collective Bundle packs in eight games from the Japanese publisher's indie wing. You know the drill: three tiers, three payment options, more games each time you upgrade your payment tier. Let's take a look at the games!

Tier one requires a measly $1 of your money and contains three games. First up, it's point and click adventure Goetia. Players control the spirit of Abigail Blackwood as she explores Blackwood Manor and discovers the truth behind her family's downfall. Also in tier one is psychedelic action platformer Octahedron, in which you'll leap from colorful platform to colorful platform against the backdrop of a pulsing rhythm. Finally, there's action-packed 3D brawler Deadbeat Heroes. With London's real superheroes laying low after a humiliating defeat, it's up to the Deadbeat Heroes to put a stop to the bad guys of the moment. All these games can be yours for just $1 in the Humble Square Enix Collective Bundle.

Paying more than the average ($7.76 at time of writing) nets you three more games. The Turing Test is a great first-person puzzler set on Europa, one of Jupiter's moons. This game revolves around an innovative mechanic involving transferring energy between machines and switching between perspectives. Hand-drawn indie platformer Forgotton Anne is also part of the Humble Square Enix Collective Bundle's second tier. Gorgeously drawn and beautifully realized, Forgotton Anne has players squashing a rebellion that could prevent her from returning to her world. The last title in tier two is indie puzzle platformer Black The Fall. Players control an old Communist machinist as he attempts to escape an oppressive regime. Accompanying him is an abandoned robot companion which assists in puzzle-solving. It's a fun old time if you don't raise your expectations too much. You'll also get all three of the tier 1 games if you pay for tier two.

Tier three will net you everything from the first two tiers plus two more games: dark visual novel adventure Tokyo Dark and tactical RPG Children of Zodiarcs. You'll have to pay $12 for this tier, but that'll get you eight games, which ain't bad by our reckoning. The Humble Square Enix Collective Bundle is live until April 30th, so make sure you take advantage of this awesome deal if you want these games before then.

Remember: there are only six days left on the Humble Bandai Namco Bundle 3 (Tekken 7 and plenty more). Don't forget to grab a subscription to Humble Monthly if you want your advance copy of Assassin's Creed Origins before the other games unlock on May 3rd.

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