Humble Daedalic Bundle Now Live - Deponia, Caravan And More

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The latest Humble Bundle is live, and this time it's all Daedalic.

For the next 13 days, you can pick up some of German developer Daedalic Entertainment's greatest hits as part of the Humble Daedalic Bundle. The charity Humble is supporting this time around is the American Red Cross, and - as is customary for the bundle - you can set a portion (or all) of the proceeds from bundle sales will go to them.

A total of 10 titles are up for grabs as part of the Humble Daedalic Bundle (more if you count Deponia: The Complete Journey as multiple games). As usual, you'll unlock more games the more you pay, with 3 new games becoming available each time you reach a new "tier".

If you cough up $1 or more, you'll get Steam keys for point-and-click adventure titles Memoria, Deponia: The Complete Journey and Anna's Quest. Deponia: The Complete Journey is actually 3 games: the original Deponia and its sequels, Chaos on Deponia and Goodbye Deponia. The $1 tier also contains Caravan, a trading strategy sim taking place in a setting "based on the history and geography of the Orient". Deponia brings the total here up to 6 games, which ain't too shabby for $1.

Paying more than the average - which at time of writing stands at $7.93, but your mileage will definitely vary - nets you everything from the previous tier, plus "multiplayer hide-and-seek" game Witch It, dark fantasy point-and-click Silence and the fourth title in the Deponia series, Deponia: Doomsday. It's worth noting that not everything in the Humble Daedalic Bundle was developed by Daedalic; they're just a publisher on some of these games, so if you're not a Deponia fan there's still plenty to enjoy.

Finally, paying more than $12 will get you everything previously mentioned, as well as real-time tactical stealth game Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, space exploration title The Long Journey Home and train sim Bounty Train. That means, if you pay $12, you're getting a whopping 12 games, which works out at around $1 per game. That's a bargain in anyone's eyes.

The Humble Daedalic Bundle runs until the 19th June. All proceeds from sales of the bundle will be split between Humble themselves, the developers of the games and the American Red Cross (in this case).

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