Fanatical's Tycoon Sims Bundle Has Shoppe Keep, Willowbrooke Post, and more!

Published: April 26, 2019 2:40 PM /


fanatical tycoonn sims bundle

The Fanatical Tycoon Sims Bundle is here and it's got some pretty neat games together in one package at a serious discount! Players can get five tycoon games at a 91% discount off of their retail price. These delightfully compelling experiences from Excalibur Games are sure to please fans who like to spin a little virtual money, so let's go ahead and check out what's in this bundle!

Shoppe Keep (Retail price: $12.99) is a game in the genre of Item Shop RPGs; players will run their very own item shop in a fantasy world. Purchase product and turn a profit while fighting off thievess and barbarians!

Shoppe Keep 2 (Retail price: $12.99) ups the ante from the previous game with many new features for players to enjoy. One of the new additions is the ability to upgrade your shop even further and improve the town surrounding it. It's basically an improved version of Shoppe Keep in nearly every respect.

Craft Keep VR: A Shoppe Keep Tale (Retail price: $12.99) rounds out the Fanatical Tycoon Sims Bundle with even more Shoppe Keep goodness. This time, you'll be taking on the role of an alchemist and blacksmith who's trying their damnedest to create the best weapons and equipment for the adventurers in the world!

Resort Boss Golf (Retail price: $12.99) is exactly what it sounds like on the tin: you're put in charge of your very own golf resort. Build out your courses, maintain the grounds, and construct businesses like restaurants to keep people coming back. Play your cards right and you'll have the best golf resort in the world!

Willowbrooke Post (Retail price: $12.99) is the last game in this bundle and it's had a bit of a rough start on Steam. This one's all about managing the post office of a small town with an adorable art style. Things are unfortunately a bit rough right now, but the developer is hard at work polishing off the rough edges while the game is in Steam Early Access.

There's a lot to like in this bundle if you're a fan of tycoon games. If this sounds like the sort of game you'd love to play, you can pick up Fanatical's Tycoon Sims Bundle for $4.99 or your regional equivalent, a 91% discount off of the game's retail prices. You have a little over two weeks to get it before it's gone for good!

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What do you think of the games in the Fanatical Tycoon Sims Bundle? Do you have a particular favorite in the bunch? Let us know in the comments below!

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