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Discover A Sense Of Adventure In The GOG Weekly Sale

Published: September 24, 2018 4:26 PM /



It's time for another GOG Weekly Sale according to a news post on the DRM-free digital distributor's website. This week's theme is "A Sense of Adventure", whether it means adventure games or vidya more suited for the adventurous type of person. This sale (and the interesting games we've picked out) have a particular focus on the works of publisher Anuman Interactive. We've selected some great titles to highlight, so let's dive right in!

Black Moon Chronicles ($1.13, 81% off) is a game inspired by a positively grimdark fantasy series. Players can choose from one of four different factions and work their way through around a hundred different missions in this strategy game based on the comic series by Ledroit and Pontet. A built-in level editor exists, so you can even create some missions of your own! This version of the game reportedly has some wonkiness with its cinematics, but it's hard to argue with the price of a buck.

gog weekly sale adventure dragon lore the adventure begins
Dragon Lore: The Adventure Begins has some dated graphics, but it nonetheless promises a challenging point & click adventure experience.

Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins ($1.19, 80% off) is a game that certainly looks like it was made in the mid-'90s. This point and click adventure has the young farm boy Werner Von Wallenrod trying to figure out just who he is in a world jam-packed with fantastical creatures. Travel through four different lands in your quest to avenge your father and get the powerful Dragon Knights on your side! A moral choice system will let you decide whether you'll walk the path of a peaceful man or a ruthless warrior.

Moto Racer ($1.13, 81% off) is, well, a game about racing motorcycles. What made Moto Racer interesting back in the day was the variety of gameplay - players can choose between arcade-style or realistic physics. Additionally, you can romp around with high-speed superbikes or take your skills to the dirt tracks with motocross. The sequels Moto Racer 2 ($1.13, 81% off) and Moto Racer 3 Gold Edition ($0.99, 90% off) are also available or you can get all three games in a bundle for $3.25 (85% off) for convenience (and no additional discount).

gog weekly sale adventure robin hood
Another fine title in the GOG Weekly Sale is Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood, a real-time strategy where you take down the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood ($0.99, 90% off) is a real-time strategy of a different sort focused on the legendary British hero. Rather than command hundreds of troops, you'll focus on maneuvering our hooded hero and his band of merry men as you try to free the kingdom from the grasp of the tyrannical Sheriff of Nottingham. Play through over 30 missions using a mix of stealth and guerilla tactics in a non-linear campaign that showcases the best of this classic legend!

Syberia ($3.49, 65% off) is one of those adventure games that always seems to pop up on sales now and again. New York lawyer Kate Walker heads to Europe in search of the genius inventor Hans in an effort to unlock the secrets of Syberia. You'll enjoy interesting steampunk and art nouveau inspired designs in this character-driven adventure game. You can also pick up Syberia 2 ($3.49, 65% off) and Syberia 3: The Complete Journey ($13.99, 60% off) or pick up the entire collection as a bundle for $20.97 (62% off). (There's no additional discount with the bundle.)

These are just a few of the great games you can find in this particular GOG Weekly Sale - be sure to head on over to the sale's page to see what else is available at awesome discounts! You have 7 days before these deals are gone for who knows how long, so go ahead and seek out some adventure!

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