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Wolfenstein: The New Order

Shoot Nazis. Shoot lots of Nazis. Then when you are done shooting Nazis you will shoot even more Nazis because that’s what you do.

8.5 Great


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May 20, 2014




Bethesda Softworks


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M - Mature


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  • Casey

    And just like that, the kekraptor article becomes reality.

    Life truly is amusing.

  • WhiteNut

    I would like to point out for any that isn’t aware. But Brandino’s, the person in the screenshot making the comment, name is orange, clearly denoting he has a level of moderating powers in the forums that the comment in question is showing. That means that Digital Homicide would have had to have joined the Digital Homicides group, manually dwell through their entire forum and all its sections to find this one particular comment. And Romine has the audacity to accuse these people of Stalking.