As we bring 2017 to a close, GOG decided to announce one last classic game they were bringing out on their service – the 3D adventure game Titanic Adventure Out of Time.

Taking on the role of disgraced British secret service agent Frank Carlson, the player joins Frank as he’s tossed back in time to 1912 onto the Titanic where they have an opportunity to influence events on the famously doomed ship. Playing with classic point and click controls, Titanic: Adventure Out of Time, uses a 3D world to explore by changing screens like in Riven and you solve puzzles that might impact the world around you. As you solve them, time passes and people move throughout the ship and begin or finish doing other things advancing the world there. While movement and puzzles are done in that style of 3D, conversations are experienced in an interactive FMV style.

Created by Cyberflix, this 1996 game was a project which focused heavily on being historically accurate and authentic, making heavy use of research materials to create the Titanic. It’s accurate enough that various documentaries and the Discovery channel have used scenes from the game to represent the Titanic in them. In fact, the game comes with a Guided Tour Option where players can explore the ship and get narration from characters serving as tour guides.

The rerelease is the work of Night Dive Studios (who purchased the IP back in 2016) and is exclusive to GOG where it is 10% off until January 4th. It closes out a year where GOG has worked to restore many titles to modern machines, and Titanic joins the ranks of Jazz Jackrabbit, Rise of the Dragon and many others.

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Don Parsons

News Editor

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