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Samurai Shodown Season Pass Free Samurai Shodown Release Date

Samurai Shodown Release Date Announced, Season Pass Free to Early Adopters

The Samurai Shodown release date has been announced and there’s a pretty cool bonus for early adopters. A trailer for the upcoming prequel to a legendary fighting game series has…

snk e sports

SNK Supports Retro Fighters With Updated Esports Program

Until recently, SNK’s e-Sports Support Program only applied to events and tournaments that included The King of Fighters XIV in their lineup. However, they’ve modified it to include support for any…

Samurai Shodown V Special Blood

Samurai Shodown V Special Coming Uncensored To PS4 & PS Vita

Samurai Shodown V Special, a fighting game published by SNK Corporation notable for having its home console version heavily censored on release, is making its way to the PlayStation 4…