Day 8 of the Steam Summer Sales 2015. I decided to take a little bit of time off yesterday because I needed a recharge, but I’m back to give you more details and more sales. And more sass. A lot more sass. Extreme amounts of sass. Anyway, on to the sales!

Literally, this should be posted on the front page of steam from now on.

Literally, this should be posted on the front page of steam from now on.

First of all, let’s look at the daily deals:

  • Ori and the Blind Forest – 40% off – Absolutely fantastic in my opinion. I really should do a full review of it. It’s beauty is matched by smart gameplay and innovation with some of the bullet mechanics (being able to launch yourself on later in the game), but it’s the experience and the memories that this game will give you that’s worth it even if it’s not 50%+ of a discount. Honestly, worth every penny. Get it. Want more? I did a first impressions over on our YouTube channel.
  • Hand of Fate – 50% off – A great remix of the action and roguelike/roguelite genre that changes things up by constructing a deck of what you’re going to deal and fight with. We did a review, and they’ve had more update added to the game since its release. A great time to pick it up.
  • Shovel Knight – 33% off – It’s Shovel Knight. It was my second favorite game released last year. On top of the 8 bit genre for platforming as well as just being a game that actual shows that kickstarter can succeed. It’s got more content coming with the emphasis on the Plague Knight down the road. If you don’t have it yet… should.
  • The Walking Dead, Season 2 – 75% off – Like the Walking Dead? You probably own it already, but if you have, it may not be as good as the first season, but it’s well worth the 75% off. Here’s a review if you’re interested.
  • Evolve – 50% off – I’m torn on this one. The price may be closer to the experience that you get and the content you get right now, and several of my friends stand by the game as being fun as hell. This is a game that’s very much going to be based on who you play it with, so if you have the friends and are willing to put up with some repetition, it may be for you. Check out the review, but realize that it’s grown since then, and has more on the way.
  • Age of Wonders Franchise – 75% off – A great 4X that a polish and will honestly has an in-depth experience all a round, especially regarding the third game. It’s going to eat your time up, but you’ll enjoy it while it’s going down.
  • The Escapists33% off – It made it out of early access, and crafting and just the environment can really make for a unique experience. It loses points for not being that much off, but it’s a pleasure trying to find a way to escape a prison in unique ways. Wanna see a review? Here you go.
  • Batman Franchise Games – 10-75% off – Don’t preorder Arkham Knight. I will because I’m on the review for TechRaptor on it, but don’t make that mistake. But Asylum and City are most definitely worth the price if you haven’t played them yet.
  • Dying Light25% offThe game is good as I mentioned in my review for TechRaptor, but the price isn’t much of a cut  at this point. It’s got modding capabilities, and definitely is a great mix of the zombie world with the parkour elements, but I’d pass on this price if you were waiting at this point. It’s just not enough to not have you wait longer.
  • Dungeon Defenders 2 – 50% off, Early Access – It’s in early access, but unlike a lot of its counterparts, I find it a bunch of fun, and has the content to back it up. If you played the first, you’ll enjoy the second. But it may be worth it in this case due to teh content
  • Medieval Engineers – 40% off, Early Access – I mean, another game in Early Access, there’s a bit of a difference with it focusing on building mechanics, and it really let’s you test on physics, but honestly, it’s a game in early access that I just can’t recommend. It takes a lot for me to recommend a game in Early Access. Expect for the above possibly. And Darkest Dungeon. Darkest Dungeon I can recommend. Have you heard the word of the church of Darkest Dungeon?
  • Grid Autosport – 75% off – A genre that really doesn’t appeal to me. But it’s hurt by it’s multiplayer that seems to be dead from what I’m reading, which is what’s going to give it a pass in the long run.
  • Anno 207075% off – It immediately loses points for Uplay, and honestly, it’s really only for fans of the franchise, as I found it incredibly hard to get into. Given the better city builders on the market, I can’t recommend it.
  • Ark: Survival Evolved – 17% off , Early Access – I should like it because it has dinosaurs. I don’t because it’s another open world survival game that’s in early access, doesn’t have an actual price drop of any sort, and honestly isn’t that focused on dinosaurs in the end. Sorry, I’m saying pass.

Now you’re asking where the 15th game is. Well it’s Life is Strange, which indicates a 50% off price, which would be worth at that point. But that’s only for the first episode actually.  The actual bundle is 20% off. You tried to pull one a fast one on me Steam, but I know your games. I know how you operate. But seriously, this is a practice I hate regarding the episodic game portion, I wish more games did it like The Walking Dead.


As for the highlights of the Flash Sales that end at 10 AM PST:

  • Zombie Army Trilogy – 50% off – It’s a lot of what you’d expect out of a Sniper Elite game, but if you want to have massive chaotic fun with tactics with your friends, this is for you. And you can get some pretty sweet cameras and play around with the impressive engine that the game has.
  • Rayman Legends – 75% off – Great platformer fun. Personally: I enjoyed it more then some of the recent Mario games that have come out. Definitely worth the price of admission, and it’s got an art style and charm to it that’s hard to match.
  • Postal 2 – 50-90% off – Pick up the base game for 90% off and the Paradise Lost DLC (a review for those interested) for 50% off. Test yourself on how long you can go before you want to start a massive killing spree.  It’s writing is underrated, and it’s frankly just a goofy different take on the FPS genre. Also, a certain Breitbart reporter makes his way into the DLC. It’s fabulous because of that. Superb. It’s really a question of why you haven’t

And the rest of the games include: Gemcraft – Chasing Shadows (66% off), Hero Generations (33% off), Infinifactory (33$ off, Early Access), Risen 3: Titan Lords (75% off), SimCity 4 – Deluxe Edition (78% off), Spec Ops: The Line (80% off), Dead State: Reanimated (65% off), Battleblock Theatre (90% off), Titan Souls (40% off), Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (50% off), FTL: Advanced Edition (75% off) and Back to the Future: The Game (80% off).

The definition of ridiculous fun.

The definition of ridiculous fun.

Now, there was a set of games that were released at 10 PM PST yesterday that are still on sale, that will end at 10 PM PST tonight. The games include the highlights of:

  • Bulletstorm – 78% off – Just a bunch of fun. The executions and flair to the gameplay feels different from a lot of the other games in the FPS genre, and it’s one of those games that will have that goofy grin on your face the entire time. Underrated in my opinion, it goes for the over the top action in all the right ways.
  • Hero Siege – 85% off – An underrated roguelike/roguelite that keeps the action up, and just had a new DLC released within the last couple of months. Simple, but effective.
  • Mark of the Ninja – 85% off – Great stealth action. Probably one of the best stealth games around in fact. If you like stealth at ALL, this game is a must have.

The other games in this list include: Tom Clancy Franchise (75% off), Damned (75% off), Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition (75% off), Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines (76% off), Shroud  of the Avatar Forsaken Virtues (50% off, Early Access), Nom Nom Galaxy (80% off, Early Access)Distance Worlds Universe (50% off), Broken Swords 5: The Serpent’s Curse (80% off), Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown (66% off), Beasts of Prey (65% off), and Jazzpunk (75% off).

As for the monster clicker games that got unlocked with the Monster Clicker game that last until 10 AM PST tomorrow:

  • Gothic Universe Collection – 80% off – I’ll just let our news editor, Don Parsons, handle this: “Gothic 2 with NotR is one of the best action RPGs in existence that shows how you can do hand placed worlds in them with exceptional skill and a leveling system that manages to reflect a characters improving skill through the game in the way you fight and not just in the damage.” It’s a good bundle. Play the bundle.

And the rest of the games: Infested Planet (75% off), Reus (75% off), Strider (70% off), Freedom Planet (70% off), Neverending Nightmares (50% off), Victory at Sea (75% off), Primal Carnage: Extinction (50% off), and Homebrew (60% off, Early Access)

I have no idea what's going on. Help. My brain.

I have no idea what’s going on. Help. My brain.

And by request of a user on twitter, I decided to also include some highlights from the GOG sale going on. The times here are different, so keep that in mind if you’re taking a look at games over at the DRM free service.

  • Sid Meier’s Classics – 60-80% off – Alpha Centauri makes this stand out in itself, as the 4X genre with a heavy depth in its mechanics and strategy system, and anyone of the genre that hasn’t played it should give it a shot.
  • Jagged Alliance 2 75% off – A turn based strategy game that has a lot of character to it. A lot of good mods to put on top of it as well that fixed a lot of the “problems” that the game had.  A steal.
  • Door Kickers – 75% off – Want to feel like a SWAT tactics officer in a strategy/tactics based game? This is your jam. Options make sense, and honestly, it’s one of those games where I think the replay feature really enhances the experience.
  • Phantasmagoria – 75% off – Didn’t want to sleep tonight? Just want something a little out there in the point and click genre? Want to make your head explode. Here you are.
  • REPEAT – Jazzpunk – 75% off – It may be short, but it’s a fun ride none the less. A lot of people give it the term “interactive comedy show”, and I think that’s appropriate for this game that’s a little bit out there, but is funny none the less. One of the more unique experiences on this list, but that’s along with the next game.
  • REPEAT – Hatoful Boyfriend – 75% off – You’re a girl looking for love from birds in this dating simulator. Yes, birds. This is the peak of civilization here. But in all fairness, the game has reasonable writing, and the absurd nature of the game just plays so well, especially if you decide to get a bunch of friends together and do the characters voices.
  • REPEAT – Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition – 75% off – One of the best 2D stealth based ninjas game. In fact, is probably one of the best stealth games in general in terms of simple yet effective implementation. Worth it at that price.
  • REPEAT – Nox – 75% off – Remember playing this as a kid and loving the Diablo like game: but it’s not Diablo. It’s aged a bit, but if you never gave it a try, it’s a good change up with more focus on traps and getting through the dungeons systematically.
  • REPEAT – Pier Solar and the Great Architects – 66% off – We need more old school RPG ports, because there was a golden age of them back in the days of the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, and it provides a needed challenge. This game is for those old school RPG players.

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