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Today, Square Enix announced it would begin accepting pitches on game ideas from independent developers based on Eidos IPs Gex, Fear Effect, and Anachronox. Square Enix released this information via its site The Square Enix Collective. The announcement opens these classic IPs for submissions by independent developers. This continues the Collective initiative which looks for independent developers to partner with Square Enix, but opens up a lot of new ground with these IPs for game developers to pitch on.

According to the announcement, game developers may pitch an idea within the boundaries of the IPs universe.

“It *doesn’t* mean that we’re looking for straight-up sequels – we’d love to see different takes on those universes. What would Gex look like in a side-scrolling adventure, or a turn-based strategy?”

Submissions will be accepted by the Collective website and will undergo pre-approving before being published on their Feedback platform. From there, the pitch will be voted on by the community for a length of 28 days.

If approved, the project will move to the crowd funding phase. Square Enix addressed possible concerns with the forced crowd funding process explaining it as only a means to revitalize an IP. After earning rights to the IP, an independent studio will be responsible for the development process, making crowd funding a necessity. Square Enix did specify, though, that it will play a role in development in order to ensure the game’s completion.

Assuming the goal is met, Square Enix will take 5% of crowd funding raised, and will also distribute the game for 10% of net sales revenue. The company will also ask for a 10% licensing fee in order to use the IP.

“The developer will keep 80% of the net revenue from sales of the game – and who knows, maybe we’ll be interested in licensing a sequel as well? It’s a pretty good deal.”

Gex, Fear Effect, and Anachronox all hail from the late 90s and early 2000s and have not received any treatment since 2001. Square Enix’s decision to release these IPs marks the first mention of these cult classic games since the early 2000s.

What do you think of the Collective? What do you want to see from these IPs? Tell us in the comments below!

Justin Bunka

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  • Cy

    I won’t lie, part of me really wants another Gex game but I’m torn over whether I want him to make 90’s references or modern ones.

  • GEhotpants101 .

    I will now begin to write with all my might a pitch for an open world RPG Legacy of Kain game where you’ll get to find recently deceased corpses to make baby vampires out of, and pick flowers, and try to unfuck timelines.
    (Yes, I’m aware LoK isn’t on there. Yes, I’m aware Nosgoth is a thing. None of this matters, LoK fans show up where we’re not wanted to tell you about our lord and savior.)

  • drachnon

    Well sounds like a good thing overall. It allows big companies to cater to fans of smaller IP that they don’t want to manage themselves and allow up coming indie studios to make a name for themselves.

    I do have some concerns though.

    I think an argument could be had over if the percentages that the developer should pay for the use of the IP. 10% for the license plus 10% of sales revenue is quite a bit and I’m not sure why the people who want to see the game made through crowdfunding should hand off 5% of their investment to Square-Enix unless the deal includes SE to do promotion of the game in their role as publisher (not having to do marketing themselves could really help the indie developer).

    I’d like to see what games come out of this project.

  • Honestly I would be more than happy with a Fear Effect HD remake collection on pc :). Anachronox HD remake might also be interesting. I don’t really care about Gex. As for independent companies taking these titles and making something new, it might end up something great or a complete disaster. Only time will tell.