Welcome to the first TechRaptor article of Shoestring Gaming.  In Shoestring Gaming, we plan to highlight some of the best games we have personally tried in terms of gaming value versus cost. We will show you the most recent sales, best deals and discuss recommendations for other gamers who must adhere to a very strict gaming budget. We will also discuss the aspects of gameplay and immersion of some of the games mentioned in this segment. So, let’s get started. Prices will be in USD primarily where applicable.

This week in Shoestring Gaming we will discuss Ghostbusters: The Videogame, Nosgoth and a well known science fiction horror that we will not reveal just yet.

Ghostbusters: The Videogame

Now on sale  for only $2.99 USD on the Steam store, which is a steal if you you’re a fan of the films.


This is an incredibly fun game. It’s very macabre and humorous. The controls were fairly easy to master, at times reminding me of Luigis Mansion and the ps2 classic Ghosthunter. The combat is quite enjoyable apart from a few hard bosses here and there. You really do feel like an extra members of the Ghosbusters team!

He's not happy.

He’s not happy.

This is definitely worth the value. You will hunt down ghosts with the ecto-reader, a device that lets you scan for ectoplasmic residue. This handy tool helps you hunt for ghosts before engaging them and upon wearing them down in combat, you can throw down the trap and capture them. You will take on enemies such as The Librarian, The marshmallow, Slimer and many more favourites as you get down right ooey and gooey to defeat them. The game keeps a database of all entities you have caught, as well as having the original voice actors, including the late, great Harold Ramis. It really is a treat for any Ghostbusters fan.

This deal will expire by the 3rd of November so I advise you to pick it up asap. Also, whatever you do, don’t cross the streams.


Originally the multiplayer component of the planned 6th Legacy of Kain game, Nosgoth is not actually yet fully released nor is it actually on sale. GreenManGaming are selling the first founders pack, Veteran for only $4.99 USD. An absolute pittance compared to what the game can provide you with in terms of fun.


If you’re looking forward to the upcoming Turtle Rock Studios title Evolve, or are just a fan of cooperative games along the lines of the Left4Dead series or Killling Floor, be sure to nab this one while you can.

"I will fly high above Monsteropolis, and I'll rain terror down on the general populace."

“I will fly high above Monsteropolis, and I’ll rain terror down on the general populace.”

The game is still in early access but the polish is quite impressive. it is class based, with 4 classes on either factions side. You can be one of the Humans, an Alchemist, the incapacitating Hunter, the healing Prophet or the deadly accurate Scout, each with their own impressive array of skills. On the other hand if you prefer to be the more vicious melee based  Vampires you can pick through a handful of classes also. You have the Reaver, the death from skies Sentinel, as well as the obfuscating  Deceiver followed by the tanky Tyrant. the game is hard. If you don’t work together as a time you won’t survive long. You can get new weapons, level up your character, new classes and all sorts of new abilities. It’s rather addictive in the level of customization.

There doesn’t seem to be a limit to this offer, but no doubt it will expire as soon as the game is released in open beta, so I’d pounce on this if you’re a fan of coop class-based pvp.

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System Shock

The first title in the well known Shock series seems to be currently public domain or at least isn’t enforced by anyone. Because of this fact, it is freely available to anyone willing to play it. This game is entirely free and can be downloaded from this site here. We recommend it for anyone curious about Bioshock’s roots and how it all came to be.

The link provided is a portable version of the game modded in order to allow the use of the mouse look around. The game is old and needs to be run from the .exe file you download from the site, after extracting it using 7zip. While playing, for best experience I advise people not to alt-tab out of the game while playing as the DOS format greatly dislikes that and will likely crash.

A sci-fi classic.

A sci-fi classic. Pure and simple.

System Shock is the game every gamer should play at least once in their life. Sure the far superiour System Shock II somewhat superceded it but gameplay-wise  it still feel it holds up fairly well today. A deep plot driven by impressively creepy visuals and sound design for it’s time, System Shock will have you gunning through cyberspace hacking, avoiding mutants, solving problems via various cryptic clues and dealing with all manner of hostilities, all in an effort to stop the most dangerous, volatile and iconic female villain in all of gaming history. Shodan, the station’s A.I. has gained self awareness and she has big plans for you and the TriOptimum Citadel Station.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iZMD_eCpEo?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]
This game still holds the allure, mystery and tension as it did back in the day. I actually personally preferred this over system shock II. The plot was subtler, there were no cyborg ninjas to wreck the atmosphere and the sheer depth of the game for it’s time still takes my breath away. This was literally the mother of invention when it came to incredibly storytelling, tense role playing action and immersion. This is pretty much the game that started it all.

Anyone who is able to look through such a dated title, both graphically and stylistically will be rewarded with an incredibly rich, diverse and epic science fiction narrative. Hailed worldwide by critics pretty much everywhere, for me this game is easily in my top 5 games of all time. It won’t cost you a thing, the game is long and provides great challenge, and value for the lack of money invested into it’s “purchase.” It is highly advised to anyone who hasn’t yet, to try this game out.

That’s it for now! Join us in the future as we share more great deals with you!

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