Welcome to Shoestring Gaming, a weekly segment where we help to highlight some great deals from across the internet. This week we are going to be looking at games from Steam, GOG and our very own GameFanShop to show off some great deals you can take to get some great games for great prices.

Steam currently has plenty of sales but some of the big ones include The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2 as well as both of the Portal games. All of these games are 75% off for this week. The Walking Dead is a Telltale game that puts you in the shoes of a convict named Lee who becomes a free man due to the zombie outbreak. This game plays like the rest of the popular Telltale games as a point and click adventure where you are also given choices during the game that can effect the opinions others have of you as well as effect the outcome of the game. Season 2 takes some of these choices even further changing outcomes radically. You can get both The Walking Dead Season 1 and The Walking Dead Season 2 for under $7.

The Walking Dead Season 1

Choose your own options through this fantastic story!

Next up for Steam you can also currently get both of the Portal games with an incredible 75% discount. Portal is a first person puzzle game that not only incorporates platforming but also physics puzzles as you have a gun that can create looping portals. You play as Chel who wakes up in a science testing facility called Aperture Science where, using the portal gun, you have to try to get through all of the challenges to escape. You also have an evil A.I. named GLaDOS.

Portal 2 continues this story as you learn even more about what happened at Aperture Science as well as getting to complete ever more difficult challenges that include additional elements such as physics breaking gels. Portal is also a game that we have recommended on our TechRaptor Curator. You can pick up Portal for $2.49 and Portal 2 for $4.99 or if you want to check them both out then you can buy them together for $8.74.


Puzzle your way through all the tests and think with portals!

Over at the TechRaptor GameFanShop you can pick up the Risen games for a fantastic deal: this includes Risen 1, Risen 2: Dark waters and all of it’s DLC and Risen 3: Titan Lords. Risen is a game that plays slightly like other open world games such as The Elder Scrolls Series but instead of focusing on the large worlds, Risen focuses on a smaller world with factions and other elements. In Risen 2 you focus on pirate game play as opposed to the traditional setting of the original game. Risen 3 had more polish than 2 and continues the story of a lot of characters from Risen 2 but with a new protagonist. You can purchase Risen 1, Risen 2, its DLC Treasure Isle and The Air Temple as well as Risen 3. If you want to just get Risen and Risen 2 you can also get the Risen Franchise bundle.

Risen Logo

Take on the world and factions of Risen!

What do you all think of these deals? Would you recommend any of these games to others? Are you planning on getting these?

Andrew Stretch

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