Another week, another sampling of some of the best indie games currently in development! Browser games! Early Access! Titles that have just been announced! Come one, come all! We’ve got pixel art, 3D models, indie crossovers, and at least one game you’re interested in! Hopefully! This is the Screenshot Survey, the best stuff from all across the Twittersphere that was posted on Screenshot Saturday, and it starts right about now.

Starting the day, here is an 80s inspired endless flier called Fatal Flight. It has a striking visual style straight off a hypothetical synthwave album cover, with sharp geometric shapes defining trees and canyons. All of this beautiful scenery coming into focus quickly as you thread the needle through it to continue your run. The environments are procedurally generated, making for an arcade experience that never gets old. You can play the game now over at Newgrounds and take in the game’s mesmerizing soundtrack while you’re at it.

Super Indie Karts is a throwback SNES-style kart racing game currently in Steam Early Access. It includes crossover starts from a wealth of current and upcoming titles to fill out its roster, including Shutshimi, Guacamelee, Teslagrad, Duck Game, Freedom Planet and more. I am a huge fan of indie crossovers, so I’ve been following this game for a long while, and they just released their third set of four tracks, including my new favorite way to take in the Shutshimi theme. The game has been a great introduction to several other projects as well, and it’s a natural evolution of the original Mario Kart gameplay into the HD generation.

(Full Disclosure: I contributed to the Super Indie Karts Kickstarter)

Let Them Come is a pixel art shoot-em-up which takes inspiration from late era 2D games, and it looks like something special. It’s a simple wave shooter that has the player holding their ground, and it displays your health with a DOOM-style bloodied portrait in the UI. If that’s not enough, the sparse lighting and the flash from the muzzle of your various weapons lends to a great environment to kill all manner of alien and tentacle monster. Looks and sounds right up my alley, especially the rocking tunes in the trailer. The game is aiming for a early 2016 release on PC, console and mobile.

Another check in on GIBHARD, a procedurally generated Quakelike that we last looked at last month. I included it again here as we have a tweet featuring a few of the enemies you can look to shoot down in the game. Right off the bat, I see what looks to be a DOOM marine front and center, along with a few of his palette-swapped compatriots. I do really enjoy the art style on display, and I can’t wait to see these guys in motion as I dodge their projectiles. Presumably in some sort of space station.

Finishing up the week, here is a GIF of another last stand against alien monsters with The Nullpoint. This is a tactics based survival horror game with (say it with me now) procedurally generated levels. There aren’t that many rougelikes out there in the horror genre, and everything I’ve seen of this early in development project is looking good. There is a demo upcoming, which you can sign up to receive notifications about via their official website. Certainly going for the Alien vibe to Let Them Come‘s more Aliens inspired theme, but it takes all kinds.

That’s it for this week’s Screenshot Survey! What developing games do you guys have your eye on? What indie characters would you like to see meet up on the racetrack? Will any game ever have handcrafted levels ever again? Answer these questions and more in the comments below, and I’ll be back in a week with more pixel-related goodness!

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