On the eve of its release Dishonored 2 has discounts and bonus offers well worth redeeming, especially if you plan on pre-ordering. PC gamers are getting straight up easy-to-attain discounts, while those playing on either the PS4 or Xbox One console platforms can get either a gift card or a discount with a catch.

Dishonored 2 PC Deals

Dishonored 2 Xbox One and PS4 Deals

You’ve got four solid choices on PC. GMG and DLGamer are both 20% off right off the bat with GMG confirmed to be sending Steam keys out immediately after purchase so you can begin pre-loading. The download is about 32.2GB, so a sizable file but not quite as big as some of the recent 2016 titles. Pre-ordering on PC also gets you a 1-day head start, so you can start playing already on Thursday, November 10th.

GamesPlanet is another good option. By default, GamesPlanet is only showing British Pound prices, but you can buy from them worldwide. If you were to buy from them in the US, after currency conversion you’d pay about $43.29 – which is an impressive 28% discount and the best deal among the options.

On console, Xbox One gamers should head over to the Microsoft Store. You won’t find a discount, but you will be able to snag a bonus $10 Gift Code for future purchases AND you if you buy before November 9 at 10AM Pacific you’ll get free delivery on the games release day, November 11th.

If you’re a PS4 gamer, or if you’re on the Xbox One and want a discount, there is a way to do so though it is not as straight forward as on PC. The deal is at Best Buy where they have a “Buy 1, Get 1 40% off” offer. There you’ll find a list of 18 titles to choose from, which includes Dishonored 2 and other recently released titles like Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Picking up Dishonored 2 this way basically nets you a 20% discount on both games making it a worthwhile offer if there’s another title you were looking to pick up anyway.

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