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Rainbow Six: Siege is getting a major update only a month and 11 days into its third season and the update features major changes to three operators, new weapon’s attachments, gadgets, balancing, bug fixes and other background changes.

According to the Rainbow Six Siege’s blog, in patch 4.2 Twitch, Blackbeard, and Doc get their operator skills reworked. Twitch’s standard shock drone is replaced and doubled in the form of two faster, less visible shock drones she can switch between, with one available during the defender’s preparation phase. Blackbeard’s rifle mounted shield has been replaced in the form of two rifle mounted shields he can switch between, both significantly weakened in the amount of damage they can absorb. Doc’s revive gun has been altered to heal teammates 40hp and can even over-heal a full health teammate up to 120 health that gradually falls back down to the maximum of 100.

Along with changes to three operator’s skills, the update introduces the Claymore mine for attackers Glaz, Thatcher, Thermite, and Twitch. Claymore mines can be used to cover an attacker’s flank in case any defenders get pushy.  Defenders Castle, Caveira, Rook and Smoke received the impact grenade. The impact grenade explodes quickly upon touching any surface and can be used offensively or to open up holes in the walls for strategic peeking. Additionally, the muzzle break and the heavy barrel have been added in as new weapon attachments. The muzzle break can be added to most weapons in the game that feature muzzle attachments and reduces first shot inaccuracy when equipped. The heavy barrel can be equipped to select sub-machine guns and assault rifles, and it reduces damage falloff at range, in exchange for the penalty of increased recoil.

Rainbow Six: Siege 4.2 Weapons update

Increased Weapons Damage

Alongside a  lengthy list of weapons balances and changes comes a change to how the game handles team killers. The amount of team kills a player is allotted before being automatically kicked has been reduced, and it is especially reduced at the beginning of each round. The blog states that Ubisoft hopes to combat in game bullying by automatically kicking players from matches that repeatedly kill the same teammate.

Patch 4.2 releases tomorrow, Sept. 13, and the full list of changes can be found here.

Patch 4.2 has a significant number of changes to several operators, who do you think got the most significant changes, Doc or Blackbeard? State your case in the comments. 

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  • Wisdomcube2000

    Glad they nerfed Blackbeard’s shield. That thing was OP as fuck. Also hope they fix the ranked match vote kick abuse though. Groups of people use it to grief/kick teammates for incredibly dumb reasons.

    The Twitch change sounds interesting though, as does Doc’s upgrade (it will be getting a LOT more use now). Not a fan of the “impact grenades” though. Chucking nitro-cells and then insta-exploding them is already too common, I don’t see why we need even more bs like that…

  • Drake Lupton

    Wisdom indeed, Cube. It’s infuriating to hear Blackbeard’s shield had 800hp. IQ has to use her gadget with a pistol, but Blackbeard gets solid armor, a superior assault rifle and complete upper body invulnerability? He’s clearly designed to be S tier, even his two 150 health shields will be good, but at least its managable.

    The impact grenades are going to be an interesting addition. It seems a particularly strong offensive tool for the defending side. I have to wonder if Ubisoft’s data suggested defenders were slipping in their win rate, which is counter intuitive to the ol’ adage, “it’s easier to defend than attack.”