Sony’s Rewards Program is getting an upgrade that can earn players who sign up for the service a small amount of money, as first spotted by Kotaku.

A new section on Rewards Program page has introduced a new rewards system, where earning Silver, Gold and Platinum trophies can earn players points that can be redeemed for $10 PSN vouchers.

The full point scheme is as follows:

  • 1 point per silver trophy (100 per 100)
  • 10 points per gold trophy (250 per 25)
  • 100 points per platinum trophy (1000 per 10)

A $10 PSN voucher will cost 1,000 points, so it would take 10 platinum trophies to achieve a $10 voucher.

PlayStation Rewards Trophies

Directly from the Rewards website, breaking down the point totals and buttons to sign up with.

In addition to earning trophies on games, Sony is also offering a massive amount of points for their movie service as well. According to the website, players can earn 250 points by renting 3 movies and 500 points by purchasing three eligible Sony Picture movies from the PlayStation Store. Players can also get a free movie code if they register five eligible disks into their system.

There are several restrictions, however, on the new service. Players, of course, need to sign up for the service at the Sony Rewards website first to be eligible for the program. The current setup of the program is only available for residents in the United States, with the site not loading for those outside of the US. Lastly, trophies already earned are also not redeemable at this time, meaning trophy hunters who have already earned thousands of platinum trophies will not be retroactively given points.

Quick Take

This is an interesting move on Sony’s part, although it seems to me at least it’s favoring heavy point gains through their movie branch over their gaming branch. The fact that you can gain 75% of what you need for the $10 voucher by renting and buying movies makes that evident enough at least.

Perhaps they are hoping it will incentivize the use of the other multimedia features, but regardless, the fact that players can get free money, despite it being a small amount, simply by playing a game is a pretty interesting deal. 

What do you think about this? Good move by Sony? Leave your comments below. 

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