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Obsidian Entertainment has officially announced Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, and that the game is to be crowdfunded using Fig.

After a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign for the first Pillars of Eternity, with the company raising more than 4 million dollars, Obsidian have announced they will again use crowdfunding for the next installment in the series titled, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Again the game will be heavily influenced by the infinity engine games giving an old-school CRPG experience that is hard to find in games today. The announcement video details a lot of the plans they have to try and improve upon what the did with the first Pillars of Eternity. Josh Sawyer, the design director, states that they want to build on the key aspects of infinity engines games, these are “exploration of beautiful environments, the real time with pause tactical system and a really rich and engrossing story that has companions that react to the choices you make.”

Pillars II will allow players to return to Eora. You will be playing as the Watcher from the first game, with companions such as Edér coming back. Choices will have consequences on the story, with choices from the first game also effecting things.

It is no surprise that Fig has been chosen to crowdfund Pillars of Eternity II, since Feargus Urquhart the CEO of Obsidian Entertainment sits on the advisory board for Fig. In a statement, Urquhart explained their choice to use Fig,

“For the sequel, we have turned to Fig for our fan-funding needs because we not only wanted our fans to help shape Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, but to financially share in its potential as well.”

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire has already hit their funding goal, which will add multi-classing and new localizations for the game. Stretch goals, and more information are expected to come today and throughout the rest of the campaign.

Are you excited about another Pillars of Eternity game? Will you back Pillars of Eternity II? Let us know.

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  • ParasiteX

    Glad they got funded. And would love to support them as well.. But i just don’t trust Fig as a service. Especially with Tim Schafer in their board of advisers..

  • SomeCollegeStudent

    I’m still wondering if Fig can remain successful. Wasteland 3 did meet its fundraising goal, and now Pillars of Eternity 2 has as well. But the whole “funders are also investors” line makes me worry what will happen to the games during development. Last thing I want are these games turning into something that only caters to a small group of “investors.”

  • Gallimaufry

    You have to wonder how he got the job as an advisor, seeing as he’s completely incapable of managing the funds for his own games.


    Well certainly beats “a small group of SJW wanks who only got the job by blowing the lead dev” either literally or figuratively.

  • ParasiteX

    Maybe he got the position by showing off his impressive sock puppet show?

  • Nope Naw

    Ewww….. Fig…..

  • Nope Naw

    “something that only caters to a small group of “investors.””

    That pretty much describes Fig.

  • Nope Naw

    Heck! I can even prove it to a degree!

    The original game’s kickstarter campaign had two early backer pledge levels and hit its funding goal roughly within the first 24 hours as well. That means they filled up their early backer slots completely within that time, a combined total of almost 26 000 backers.

    The amount of pledges on the Fig campaign barely reaches half of that figure. Simply put, the way Fig operates and the reception it has, coupled with the fact that none of the funded games have yet to be finished, people don’t trust it. Either people don’t trust it on principle, like me, because of Tim Schaefers involvement in the platform, or they don’t pledge because it doesn’t accept Paypal (this is likely the bulk of people not pledging who otherwise would).

    I love the original game and I hope the sequel turns out absolutely glorious, but I will buy it when it’s done. I’m not touching Fig with even the longest of sticks.