Launched in November of 2013, the Xbox One helped usher in the eighth generation of consoles. Now, Microsoft has moved on to greener pastures and newer models of the console, as they will be discontinuing the original entirely. So, as the original sells out at retailers, they won’t be getting more. However, Microsoft will still have two Xbox One models for sale in the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, which launches in November.

Microsoft has slimmed new the two new models for the Xbox One, giving them some added features as well, so it makes sense they would stop producing them all together. The Xbox One S can output at 4k, is slightly more powerful (approximately a 7% GPU clock speed increase), has Blu-ray HDR capability, an IR blaster, and has models that can have up 2 TB of internal memory. So when consumers have the choice between an original Xbox One and an Xbox One S, there’s little doubt what they will choose.

And of course, the Xbox One X is an option, but a different one. We’ve all heard Microsoft talk about how it’s the most powerful console ever made, but that, of course, comes with a price. The Xbox One X isn’t out yet either, releasing later this year in November, and its initial pre-order stock completely sold out in under 24 hours.

It really comes down to the Xbox One S pushing the original Xbox One out the door. The Xbox One S isn’t sold at a premium price like the Xbox One X and is undeniably the better console when compared to the original.

If you’re still interested in owning an original Xbox One, your time is running out. Once retailers no longer have it for sale, you’re only bet will be secondhand.

Are you sad to see the original Xbox One go? Have you replaced yours with an Xbox One S already? Will you be replacing it with the Xbox One X? Let us know in the comments below!

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